The European Union strongly condemns the military operation carried out on September 19 by the Azerbaijani army against the Armenian population of Artsakh. European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said this during the press conference held at the Humanitarian Center.

According to him, the EU delegation came to demonstrate the European Union’s full support for Armenia, the Armenian people, in particular the displaced people of Artsakh.

“In this difficult situation, the displaced people of Artsakh can receive the full support of the European Union. After the recent actions of Baku against the population of Artsakh, we very quickly organized more than 5 million euros of humanitarian aid, and after a few days we doubled this amount. Today, this aid, intended for displaced people from Artsakh, is valued at more than 10 million euros,” Lenarchic said.

The European Commissioner for Crisis Management also said that within a few hours humanitarian aid would be delivered to Armenia, the aim of which is to support those who need help.

“I must highlight the very rapid and effective handling of the situation by all levels of the Armenian authorities. I should also welcome the willingness to support ordinary people,” the EU official said.