According to the representative of the interests of Armenian prisoners of war at the ECHR, human rights activist Siranush Sahakyan, the Armenians held in Baku are under immediate and real threat to their lives, therefore, the information they provide cannot be reliable or useful for evidence.

In a conversation with Armenpress, Sahakyan emphasized that it is very important to advocate for a fair trial through various mechanisms, violations of the right to a fair trial have been voiced, and since similar processes against Armenian prisoners of war have already been initiated and are in process, it is necessary to initiate the latest episodes arrested military-political figures of NK.

“People who symbolized the statehood of Artsakh and distinguished themselves by pro-Armenian activities were arrested.

On the other hand, even in difficult conditions, they inspired the people of Artsakh and fought for self-determination.

It is obvious that we are dealing with revenge and these people are being persecuted for political reasons.

It is obvious that in the conditions of Armenophobia caused by the role of these individuals, the risks of human rights violations are quite high; a threat to their physical safety and life can be presented regardless of what assurances Baku gives.

Baku has repeatedly violated agreements, including written ones.

We still have prisoners of war who have not been repatriated, which is further evidence that humanitarian problems are not being resolved and there are just political processes here.”

According to Sahakyan, there are structures at the international level that deal with the protection of human rights – the UN Court and the ECHR.

According to the human rights activist, the most effective method of pressure is sanctions.

After so many crimes, the thesis is emerging that Baku’s actions should be sanctioned and targeted sanctions should be applied to a certain number of officials.