There is another war in the east, this time Arab-Israeli.

In the east, wars do not end unless the truce is long or short.

All this has a direct connection with the Armenians: firstly, the fire of war, which is not far from us, can expand its range, reaching our immediate borders.

Secondly: just as the First World War began with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, so the Third World War can escalate with the murder…destruction of Artsakh.

In front of the whole world and with the participation of everyone, Artsakh was killed, a few days later peace did not come to the region, and it seems to be going away for a long time given the geopolitical depth of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the major players directly or indirectly involved in it.

In fact, the erroneous thinking “Let’s surrender Artsakh and live in peace” is widespread not only in some Armenian circles, but also in world political thinking. Now, having given up Artsakh, various world players will understand that they will not live in peace.

Artsakh was not only a guarantor of the security of Armenia, it was in fact a guarantor of regional and world peace; the beneficiaries of all this, consciously or unconsciously, neutralized it.

p.s. To paraphrase the recent famous phrase of one of the world players: “Who needs a world where there is no Armenian Artsakh.

The government of Western Armenia has been following geopolitical developments for years and has a clear vision of the processes taking place in the world.

We have repeatedly emphasized the role and importance of the state of Armenia in the formation of a new world map.

The State of Armenia is the starting point… from which all new developing processes must begin.

The temporary loss of Nakhijevan, Javakhk and Artsakh does not mean that the state of Armenia, created in 1919, recognized de jure and de facto in 1920 by more than twenty states, does not exist.

The state of Armenia exists, a native Armenian living on his land is the master of his homeland, always ready to fight for the future of his homeland.