Dear compatriots, Western Armenia television does not engage in self-promotion. The leadership of Western Armenia, remaining true to its idea and principles, continues through television and other media platforms to present events related to the history, present and future of our country in a new way, informs about political and social events of the government, and also provides an opportunity to communicate closer with each other . With the help of our television, you can establish direct communication with the government, members of the National Assembly, raise all the issues that concern you that are directly related to Western Armenia and its citizens, and also make various proposals. Besides being a TV viewer, you also have the opportunity to become a citizen of Western Armenia by following the appropriate procedure.

Let us remind you that Western Armenia TV does not engage in self-promotion, but strives to expand connections with your help. Your support is our common victory. Together – we are force!



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BÉNÉFICIAIRE : Assemblée des Arméniens (AAAO)