Iran wants to resolve the problems of Azerbaijan and Armenia within the framework of dialogue. Shahriar-Heydari, deputy chairman of the Foreign Policy and National Security Committee of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, said this, writes ParsToday, reports

Shahriar Heydari spoke in an interview with the Young Journalists Club about the conflict in Artsakh. “Currently, Artsakh is a disputed territory between Baku and Armenia. Using the capabilities of non-regional countries and the Zionist regime, Baku has gained military superiority over Armenia, but this does not allow it to assert itself. get what she wants.”

“Artsakh traditionally belongs to Armenia, the flight of people to Armenia is due to the bombings and attacks of the Azerbaijani army, and this does not mean that the Armenians of Artsakh have lost their essence and identity , because traditionally Artsakh has always belonged and belongs to Armenia.”

Heydari added: “Today Baku has put Artsakh in a difficult situation, and Artsakh is under siege from four sides.”