Arsène Nikoghossian was born in 2000. on July 30 in the capital Yerevan.

   “Arsen was an enlightened person, and there is no one in contact with him who did not have this opinion. When I needed advice or simply to share, I first turned to Arsen,” explains the daughter of his uncle, Mary Poghosyan.

According to him, everything in his brother’s life had to be arranged and he did not want to run away from the army and service, therefore he returned to his homeland from the Russian Federation to pay his debt to the homeland. On January 12, he was enlisted in the army and became one of the Eagles of Mataghis. During his service he repeatedly received honors and medals, he was the captain of the company.

Arsen was scheduled to be released in January 2021. The ill-fated war began and Arsen, along with his other comrades-in-arms, took it upon themselves to defend the homeland. It carried out combat operations in Mataghis, Martakert region. He was a worthy soldier. He was awarded the rank of lieutenant by Jalal Harutyunyan for his bravery during combat operations. But it was not his real title, but that of Hero of the Fatherland. A fearless commander who fought for 17 days, destroyed a large enemy army and fell. Not leaving the combat position entrusted to him, one of the important heights of Martakert, he fought until his last breath and died courageously on October 13.

He was posthumously awarded the “Combat Service” medal, the Medal of Courage of the Republic of Artsakh, the order “Tigran the Great” and certificates of honor for his services to the Fatherland.