The Investigative Committee of Eastern Armenia is conducting an investigation to uncover all the circumstances of the apparent murder of a fellow soldier by a compulsory conscript. This was reported by the press service of the Investigative Committee.

A report was received from the military police of the Ministry of Defense of the RA in 2023. Regarding the death of a comrade, private Narek Nazaryan, a compulsory conscript of the same military unit, as a result of a rifle shot by a mandatory conscript and from a fatal head wound that he received on October 9, during a combat position located in the southeast direction of the military unit of the defense district of the RA.

In connection with this incident, criminal proceedings were initiated under Article 155, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Eastern Armenia.

As a result of the investigative measures, the said colleague was arrested based on reasonable suspicion that he had committed the said criminal act.