On October 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Baku leader Ilham Aliyev in Kyrgyzstan to discuss the situation in Artsakh and the issue of Russian peacekeeping forces.

Yuri Ushakov, assistant to the Russian president for international affairs, spoke to journalists about it, reports the TASS agency.

“Of course, they will discuss issues related to the situation around Artsakh. On the agenda are the peaceful integration of Artsakh Armenians into the legal framework of Baku and the preservation of internationally recognized rights and freedoms. The Russian peacekeeping contingent is ready to support him,” the Kremlin representative said.

“We hope that our president will discuss the situation around Russian peacekeepers with Baku leader Aliyev,” he added.

The Kremlin representative recalled that the mandate of the peacekeeping contingent expires in December 2025.

“Different options for the possible future use of our troops will be considered, including the possible return of Artsakh Armenians to their places of residence, which they left after the well-known September events,” he said. note.

Speaking about the upcoming meeting between Putin and Aliyev, Ushakov noted that the Russian side attaches great importance to this contact.

Later, during a meeting with participants of the 53rd session of the Security Council and the CIS special services, Aliyev said that Baku was grateful for the mediation efforts undertaken by Russia.

“We gratefully accept the mediation of the Russian Federation, because Russia is our neighbor and ally, and it is also the ally of Armenia. This country is in our region, unlike the states that are thousands away kilometers. And it is natural that the history of our countries presupposes the mediation of the Russian side,” said the head of Baku.