Today, at the 54th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, 34 countries issued a joint statement expressing deep concern about the grave humanitarian and human rights crisis. man in Artsakh. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eastern Armenia, the joint statement was read by the permanent representation of France to the United Nations office in Geneva.

The statement said that the mass displacement of the Armenian population from their homes took place as a result of the military operation carried out by Baku on September 19, as well as the nine-month blockade of the Berdzor corridor. The authors of the joint statement agreed with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, that there is a need for an immediate, independent and transparent investigation into human rights violations and of international humanitarian law registered in Artsakh. They also expressed their belief that the Office of the High Commissioner should carry out monitoring in Artsakh, meet displaced refugees in Armenia and report to the Human Rights Council. Countries expressed their willingness to consider the possibility of additional measures at the Human Rights Council.

  The statement calls on Baku to immediately create the necessary conditions to ensure voluntary, safe, dignified and permanent return to those who wish to return to Artsakh. “The entry of international missions into Artsakh is essential to provide assistance, carry out impartial monitoring, as well as to compile reports on the human rights situation.

The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Armenia and Baku must be respected unconditionally. We strongly support dialogue between all parties to establish comprehensive and lasting peace,” the statement said.

Eastern Armenia, United States, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Spain, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Japan, United Kingdom, Countries -Bas, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and 17 other countries joined the declaration.