Refugees from Artsakh are victims of ethnic cleansing. Whether Baku likes it or not, it cannot be called anything else. On October 12, Professor Pierre d’Argent, who represented Armenia during the examination of Eastern Armenia’s complaint against Baku before the International Court of Justice, announced this.

According to him, the stories coming from Baku about the voluntary departure of Armenians are simply ridiculous, and even President Ilham Aliyev is aware of this. “Today we will probably hear again a tale where the executioner blames the victim for his suffering. Baku is doing everything to aggravate the situation and encourage ethnic cleansing.

In the aftermath of the aggression, Aliyev declared that Baku had restored its territorial integrity. At the same time, the Armenian population was leaving the region and Aliyev soon announced the “great return” plan. This is a racist program that includes replacing Armenians with Azerbaijanis,” d’Argent said.