The scale of the emigration of Armenians from Artsakh and the extent of the damage caused are enormous. But we are here to avoid further losses. This was announced today, October 12, by Professor Alice Macdonald, representing Armenia during the consideration of Armenia’s complaint against Baku at the International Court of Justice.

According to him, the situation is tragic, people left their historic homeland in just a few days.

“Think about what they went through. They lost everything: their home, their history, the homeland of their ancestors. This sudden attack came after months of siege. Armenia welcomed them with open arms and the international community will help them. But that’s not the only question.

Their ability to return to their ancestral homeland depends on compliance with the requirements of the international convention. Baku is now constantly violating their rights, absorbing Artsakh in every sense of the word, destroying the Armenian essence of the region in order to exclude the possibility of the return of Armenians.

Eight senior Artsakh officials were arrested on trumped-up charges. Aliyev presents the elected representatives of the Armenian population as a “junta”, they are not authorized to meet representatives of international organizations, including the ICRC. All this is done to erase the Armenian trace, the Armenian culture. Hatred spreads on the tongue. Aliyev spoke about this, saying that Armenian songs will no longer be played here. Signs in Armenian are actively being destroyed. Promises of return and life in a multi-ethnic paradise do not inspire confidence. Aliyev personally announced that if the Armenians did not “cleanse” themselves from here, they would be hunted like dogs.

Thus, Baku, whose president is proud to have expelled the Armenians like dogs, asks the International Court of Justice to believe his declarations on his desire to protect the Armenians.

He starved them for 9 months, and now he is ready to protect them.

If events continue in the same spirit, your decision will have no meaning, because by then the depopulation of Artsakh will become a fact,” he noted.