Sos Musheghi Ghukasyan was born on January 19, 1999 in Chartar. He was the youngest in the family, but the smartest, the wisest, the most beloved of his friends, a helping hand to everyone. After finishing his studies, his profession was already clear, military. Sos was a true hero, continuing the work of his uncle Sos, enjoying nothing but the respect and love of those around him. Sos Ghukasyan studied at the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Academy. Having graduated with honors from the military academy, he rushed to his native Chartar. According to him, his place was in Chartar, on his land. When he got to work, the war of 2020 began. He was injured during the 44 Day War. Friends recall that when they learned that Sos was injured, they called him to go to the doctor, but Sos refused, saying there was nothing wrong and returned to all haste to his positions.

On the morning of September 19, 2023, Baku accused the Artsakh Defense Army of carrying out sabotage operations, as a result of which six Azerbaijanis were allegedly killed in two different explosions, and then announced the start of ” anti-terrorist operations” in Artsakh.

And once again, on the front lines of war, Captain Sos fought like a hero and fell like a hero. He didn’t leave his 5 friends on the battlefield, he saved them all, but he himself became immortal.

One of Sos’s relatives, Nina Mnatsakanyan, wrote a poem dedicated to Sos Ghukasyan.

In the position of the warrior he became immortal,

He became a soldier of the eternal border.

He accomplished many exploits,

Oh, he knew his mother was waiting for him.

By nature, he was in command, courageous,

May God comfort the parents.

They have lost a child, and he is a son of the sun,

He fought with pride and courage.

He thought big for his age,

He helped the weak, taught everyone,

He had many dreams and wishes,

Alas, heaven was waiting for him.

He was changeable, proud and burning

He was strict in everything.

Alas, he fell brave in battle,

And his youth did not save his life.

We bow before your grave,

Hero Sos Ghukasyan