Even though the scaffolding of an artificial organization called Baku has been suspended in Stepanakert in Armenia, our problem has not changed much. Iranologist Vardan Voskanyan wrote about this on his Telegram channel: “Why hasn’t this changed, because, ultimately, it is necessary to record in our Armenian speech that the problem is not is not the question of Artsakh at all?

At least for the enemy, such a question does not exist and has never existed, which is more than clearly visible after its so-called “solution”, when the target of the enemy is already openly Eastern Armenia . From the beginning, the barbaric regime of Baku, which is a cancerous metastasis of the pan-Turanian illusion nourished by Ankara on the body of the South Caucasus, formulated the question in this way “either us or Armenia”, yet we Unfortunately, we do not want to understand it again today.

Therefore, the decisive battle of life and death for the existence of Armenia is yet to come, and we can and must transform it into a battle aimed at ending the existence of the artificial entity called Baku. And for this, our priority is first to become aware and record the problem,” he wrote.