The video circulating on Telegram channels on September 13, 2022, in which Azerbaijani servicemen wave their flag after capturing an Armenian fighting position, was filmed at the 101st position near the village of Nerkin Hand in Kapan.

The faces of two of the seven dead Armenian soldiers seen in the video are visible, Henrik Safaryan is one of them. The father was the first to see the video in the family, he recognized his son and, without telling anyone what he had seen, immediately went to Kapan to find Henrik’s body. Henrik Safaryan was 19 years old and lived in Etchmiadzine. He began his service in the summer of 2021 in the Armavir military training unit, after which he was transferred to Kapan, where he was a junior sergeant, senior position. On September 12, 2022, Henrik, 22 new recruits and several others were ordered to the 101st combat position near the village of Nerkin Hand to carry out engineering work. The same night, Baku’s armed forces launched the attack. After fighting all night, Henrik called his father in the morning and told him that everything was fine, that there was no need to worry. After that, he called his friend and told him that he was under siege and that this might be his last call.

The father, Ara Safaryan, stayed in Kapan for 3 days trying to find and recover the boy’s body. During this process, an incident occurred with the Azerbaijanis, they refused to transfer the remains to this side. At first they said that they were transferred to Baku, then they would be transferred by Vardenis. Until the grandfather’s death, no one in the family except the father knew about Henrik’s death. Three days after the incident, the grandfather, Henrik Safaryan, was returning from work, one of his acquaintances in transport asked if the news that his grandson had been killed was true. After that he went downstairs, he didn’t feel well. After learning of the death of the grandson, the elder Henrik Safaryan died. After the grandfather’s burial on September 18, it was reported that 32 remains were transferred from Shushi, among which was Henrik’s body.

Henrik Safaryan died from shrapnel, his spine was damaged. None of the 7 or more soldiers (exact number is unknown) in this fighting position survived, two of them were Henrik’s close friends Hayk and Gor. Among Henrik’s belongings, only the telephone, on which he still bears his blood, and a few strands of a wooden cross were returned to the family. Henrik Safaryan was buried on September 20, 2022, next to his grandfather.