Elchin Amirbekov, the representative of the head of Baku, said in an interview with the BBC Russian service that Baku would recognize Zangezur as a sovereign territory of Eastern Armenia. Asked by the BBC whether Armenia fears that Baku wants to take Zangezur under its control, Elchin Amirbekov denied the existence of such plans.

“We accept that this is the sovereign territory of Armenia. But it is important for us to know how the other side will ensure the safety of traffic in the corridor. We need reliable guarantees for the safety of each passenger who boards the train connecting the main part of Baku to Nakhichevan or vice versa,” Amirbekov said.

It is interesting how Amirbekov denies his ambitions to seize the so-called “Zangezur corridor”, while the other day Turkish President Erdogan set a precondition for Armenia: if Armenia really wants regulate Armenian-Turkish relations, it should take the so-called “Zangezur Corridor” open.

The leader of Baku, Aliyev, has also stated this several times.

It turns out that the Azeris’ speeches that they have no territorial ambitions towards Zangezur (Syunik) are a lie and dirty politics designed to hide their great appetite. Aliyev is doing his best to convince the Armenian public that the so-called era of peace is near, while the reality is different, as the last three years have shown.