Mikael Gariki Poghosyan, 19, a conscript who died following the aggression unleashed by Baku in September 2022, was from the Nor Geghi community of the Kotayk region, the only son of the family. Mikael was born in Nor Geghi, and attended the village school, after completing the 9th grade, he was admitted to the State Agricultural College named after G. Aghajanyan of Nor Geghi, where he received a deferment, but having refused it, he went into military service.

Mikael entered military service in January 2022. At first he served in Goris, soon after he was transferred to Khndzoresk, and then to Ishkhanasar. Once the six months were over and the holidays arrived, Mikael was constantly encouraged.

Mikael Poghosyan’s parents were not in Armenia, they were working abroad, if this incident had not happened, his father would have come a week later, they promised to give Mikael a week’s vacation.

According to the wife of the deceased soldier’s uncle, they searched for Mikael for a long time. For several days, relatives in the military unit learned that Mikael was alive, but they could not establish contact with him. Just ten days after the incident, it became known that Mikael had been killed. Mikael spoke to his parents an hour before the enemy attack, his mood was good, his parents did not notice anything suspicious in his speech. Relatives later found out that Mikael did not back down, stayed until the end and fought against the large number of enemy troops, as well as the military equipment used. Mikael Poghosyan, 19, was buried at the Nor Geghi military pantheon.