Gevorg Arshakyan, immortalized during the Second Artsakh War, considered his birth year to be 1991 and his birthday to be September 21. Gevorg was discharged from the army in August, but when he heard news of the war, he gathered a squad and went to the front. Gevorg was born into a family of historians. He was a much-awaited child, his parents married late. His maternal grandfather, Associate Professor Gevorg Hovsepyan, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University, took part in the upbringing of the boy, who died 2 months after the death of his grandson. son.

   Gevorg was only 24 years old, but he managed to study at the same time and receive a red diploma from the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Faculty of Law, Vazgen Sargsan Military University of Yerevan State University . He worked as a teacher of military sciences at the “Hay Aspet” school. Many will remember Gevorg from the game “The Smartest”, in which the boy concluded his salvation with the words of Garegin Nzhdeh: “Die so that your death serves your homeland.”

Gevorg was a senior lieutenant, fighting with his friends in his native Matagis. This is where he served for two years and when he posted on his Facebook page during his service days, he said: “Hail from the Kingdom of Mataghis.” When he learned that the situation in Shushi was serious, he gathered the boys and moved there. In Choushi he was injured in the leg, his friends offered to take him to the hospital, but he did not accept. He continued to fight with his injured leg.

Gevorg died on November 7, his funeral took place on November 9, when the tripartite declaration was signed. At Gevorg’s funeral, rumors were already circulating that Chouchi had been handed over. At his son’s funeral, the father recalled that every time Gevorg passed through Yerablur, he blessed those buried there, saying, “Look what great work they did to be honored with this honor.” But Gevorg was sure that death would not defeat him, his dream was to return from battle and reunite the great clan of Archakyan.