The other day, Harutyun Mnatsakanyan, a trader, businessman and former advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of Eastern Armenia, shared a story on his microblog that sparked a lot of discussion.

Mnatsakanyan said that during the military operations on September 13, when there was a ceasefire and it was necessary to exchange bodies, one of the Azerbaijani commanders approached the representative of our side, said showed the bodies of four soldiers and said: “After discovering the identity among these guys, you will pay tribute as you deserve, four people fought to the end against our army numbering several dozen, seeing that our camp could not take the base, they used all possible means of artillery and ATS in their direction. When we got up and saw that there were only four people, we just didn’t believe that such a thing was possible. I personally had the honor of standing in front of their bodies and took out four bullets from my personal weapon and put them to their chests.

Mnatsakanyan noted that the Armenian side did not even announce a day of mourning for more than 200 martyrs. Gagik Arushanyan also spoke about the same “hero painting.” Arushanyan said his son, Arush, arrived in Ishkhanasar with his friends and saw these boys fighting until the afternoon of the next day, the boy who was fighting with a machine gun was the last to die. Gagik Arushanyan said that these heroic boys did not stop for a minute of the night and until the next afternoon they wanted to bypass Arush and look for help, but the position was completely under fire from four sides and they could not reach the boys, they fell heroically, there was no such weapon that was not used in this position, but they fought to the end and are fell heroically.

Gagik Arushanyan noted that neither the names of any of these fallen boys were written, nor were any words of honor uttered.