RA National Hero Colonel Vahagn Asatryan consciously chose his military path and remained loyal to his chosen cause throughout his life. In this choice, Vazgen Sargsyan and his uncle, General Astvatatur Petrosyan, played a role, with whose military baptism the hero’s path began. At his request, Vahagn’s mother, Mrs. Sima, accepted her son’s career choice.

Lieutenant Colonel Andranik Mkhitaryan writes in his memoirs that if their commander had not died, the outcome of the war would have been different. Vahagn Asatryan remained outside constantly for 4-5 days, throughout the duration of the operations in the Mrav mountain range. He personally conducted the investigative work and personally made all decisions. He immediately foresaw the enemy’s new tactic and devised a skillful plan to thwart it.

He had a special attitude towards his mother, during the toughest combat operations, he even answered telephone calls from two people: our superior general and his mother. It didn’t matter whether it was bombings or airstrikes, he still responded. Mkhitaryan writes about the battles of Hadrut that thanks to the efforts of Vahagn Asatryan, a heavy and crushing blow was dealt to the enemy’s special units. The Azerbaijanis left between 50 and 70 bodies on the battlefield. Mentioning that they needed prisoners to get information. Vahagn Asatryan personally checked all the dead bodies. He wanted to make sure if there was one alive or not. Of these 70 people, only two had the rank of captain, the others were all majors, lieutenant-colonels and colonels. It was one of their elite units.

Andranik Mkhitaryan writes that Vahagn Asatryan’s fighting problem went in another direction. The task he accomplished before his death should have been done by another unit. However, Vahagn Asatryan decided that he had to go to all heights to explain the problems to all units that crossed the defense line. He wanted to finally create a stable defense, so he went to personally explain the problems.

The enemy had discovered the location of the powerful commander of the special brigade, as they had been searching for Vahagn Asatryan since the beginning of the war. The commander wasn’t afraid either… He wasn’t afraid, because he had no right to be afraid, because all the units were looking at him. He always came first. He made a decision and started so that others would be convinced that the decision he made was the right one. When he died, everyone was in despair, but later the entire military unit was guided by one slogan: we are all Vahagn and we are doing our job to defend his honor and continue the unfinished work.