Relatives of missing soldiers from Echmiadzin’s “Chemical Unit” have been sent from one state department to another for three years, after the 44-day war in Artsakh. The commission of inquiry is sent to the National Security Service, the National Security Service sends a message to the Ministry of Defense, but the parents still cannot get news from their sons. On September 12, Eastern Armenia’s Defense Minister Suren Papikyan met with the parents, hoping that the problem would be resolved, but since then no changes have taken place. Hripsime Hakobyan, the mother of one of the missing servicemen of the “Chemical Unit”, said at a meeting with journalists that the parents do a lot of work on their part, knocking on the doors of this or that department, raising the question, but they do not receive a positive response from anywhere. According to him, today the court hearings in the case of this military unit have been accelerated: the court hearings are held four times a month, but she could not participate in them personally because she has health problems, her husband and his other son participate in the hearing.

“We asked the National Security Service and Suren Papikyan to provide us with satellite images to observe the movements of our children on the day they disappeared, they did not even do that, they said, we must sign a contract with Argentina, let Argentina provide them to you. What can I say, in short, nothing is done, so much so that we go there unnecessarily, get nervous and go home and stay alone with our pain.

I don’t know what should happen, you probably already imagine the fate of our children in Azerbaijani captivity.

We have videos of how the boys are taken away, after which their fate is unknown, I know for sure that my son is a prisoner,” concluded Hripsimé Hakobyan.

Recall that the trial in the criminal case entitled “Chemical Unit” continues before the Anti-Corruption Court.