The commander of the Mataghis military unit, Sevak Abrahamyan, will remain detained for another three months.

On October 20, the investigation into the case of Sevak Abrahamyan, commander of the Mataghis military unit, continued at the Shengavit headquarters of the Criminal Court of First Instance of the city of Yerevan.

According to the prosecution, Sevak Abrahamyan, holding the position of commander of the Mataghis military unit, allegedly violated the rules of military duty, as a result of which the attack on the state was not detected and stopped in time. In the indictment, the fact that the Baku army occupied the villages of Talish and Mataghis is mentioned as a serious consequence. The court considered the question of extending preventive detention.

Prosecutor Vazgen Vardanyan said that during the three months no new circumstances had arisen, which could serve as a basis for changing the preventive measure chosen against the accused, and that the risks mentioned during preventive detention still existed. Sevak Abrahamyan’s lawyer Arman Tamrazyan, responding to the accuser, stressed that a new prosecutor must appear for the detention to continue. And a new circumstance could not arise, because there had been no court hearing since August.

Furthermore, the defense lawyer mentioned that the RA Criminal Code is not applicable to Sevak Abrahamyan, because the borders of Eastern Armenia and Artsakh are not the same.

“In accordance with Article 15 of the Criminal Code, citizens of Eastern Armenia who have committed a crime outside the territory of Eastern Armenia, as well as citizens of Eastern Armenia or stateless persons permanently residing in Eastern Armenia are subject to criminal liability under the Criminal Code of Eastern Armenia, (Armenia). Sevak Abrahamyan lived in Artsakh and was a citizen of Artsakh, he was not and is not a citizen of Eastern Armenia,” he said.

“Now that the entire territory of Artsakh has been handed over to Baku, has criminal proceedings been initiated?” defender

The defender presented to the court the request sent by Sevak Abrahamyan to the passport and visa department of the migration and citizenship service of the Ministry of Interior of Eastern Armenia, and his response, according to which there is no information concerning the citizenship of Eastern Armenia, (Armenia) in the repository of the National Population Register of Eastern Armenia with the individual data of Sevak Khoren Abrahamyan.

Defender Arman Tamrazyan also declared that in these conditions, it was an unfair trial, to say the least.

Judge Artush Gabrielyan also said that they should give the defense full opportunity to familiarize themselves with the documents and that they do not have the right to refuse access to any document.

The accused Sevak Abrahamyan also mentioned that these documents are hundreds of pages long, but they have read some of them.

The prosecutor handed over 16 confidential documents to the court in a sealed envelope.

The judge mentioned that he does not consider it appropriate to examine non-secret documents at this time. The court hearing was postponed, the next hearing was scheduled for October 27.