General Smbat Boroyan, nicknamed “Makhluto”, is one of those rare generals who grew up in the heart of the Armenian people. He received his first education during the reign of Andranik Pasha, within the sacrificial groups created against the oppression of the Kurdish tribes of Western Armenia and the Abdulhamid regime. After World War I, before the Armenian people could catch their breath and Russian troops moved into Eastern Armenia, Andranik Pasha tasked Smbat Boroyan with recovering hundreds of Armenian orphans captured by the Kurds. After the Armenian genocide of 1915, the great Hayduk Makhluto and others attempted to save the Armenian children of Western Armenia being taken to the deserts of Syria. The slogan was also characteristic: one Armenian, one gold coin. » Armenians bought the Armenian orphans they had in their hands following the genocide in exchange for gold from Muslims, paying one gold coin for each Armenian.

During this period, when the Bolshevik revolution broke out in Russia, Lenin ordered Russian soldiers to leave the region of Western Armenia, this retreat took place at the same time when Lenin signed the decree recognizing self-determination until its independence from Turkish Armenia (Western Armenia). At the same time Russian (Eastern) Armenia was temporarily ceded to the Caucasian Federation, made up of Caucasian Tatar Turks, Georgians and Armenians.

When the Caucasus Federation showed little presence, the Armenians were left alone in this dispersed region, the United States and the victorious states, allocated 160,000 kilometers of territory to Armenia under the signature of Wilson, then they divided the Ottoman Empire between them.

While the Ottoman Empire was fully occupied by the victorious states encircling Ankara, the Armenian people bore the brunt of their revival with the light hand of Lenin in the fight against Turkish troops. The Turkish troops, with the material and military support of Bolshevik Russia, were unable to wrest their aspirations from the lands of occupied Western Armenia and set their sights on Yerevan, also the Turkish army which encountered unexpected resistance, was defeated at Sardarapat, then withdrew after being stopped at Bash-Abaran. Smbat Boroyan was one of the leaders of this glorious struggle.

After this victory, on May 28, 1918, the sovereignty of the Armenian regions was proclaimed in Tiflis. Andranik Pasha opposed the treaties signed by the confederate leaders of the Armenian government with the Turks and, to avoid shedding fraternal blood, he disbanded his army and left for America with General Smbat. Smbat Pasha took an active part in various humanitarian organizations of the United States and, together with Andranik Pasha, provided all necessary assistance to Soviet Armenia to heal the wounds of the Armenian people. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, they organized aid campaigns, bought tanks with the collected money and sent them to the USSR.

During the Second World War, Makhluto also participated in the fight against fascism. He was one of the French resistance fighters. After the death of Andranik Pasha, General Smbat could not bear the homesickness and left for Soviet Armenia, even though he knew that the Bolsheviks could arrest him. During this period, he became the guardian of the park named after Komitas. By the way, the “Zoravar Andranik” museum of the Fidayin movement is located there.

Makhluto died in March after being exhausted by the fighting.

“For my faith, you will bury me in St. A Etchmiadzin, and for my courage, next to “Khent”, if you decide.” Makhlouto