The European Union could expand its observation mission in Eastern Armenia in response to threats against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic from Baku. The EU High Representative announced this during the press conference.

“We made it clear to Aliyev that we are concerned about any attempt to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eastern Armenia. This is an attack on Eastern Armenia and it is very serious. Our mission can grow. This is what we are saying in Baku,” he said, responding to journalists’ question whether the EU feared that due to the EU’s weak response to the operations military from Baku in Artsakh, Baku may attack Armenian territory in the near future.

According to the diplomat, the EU is discussing how to support Eastern Armenia in strengthening its stability, including in the field of security. “We are discussing various options on how to support the stability of Eastern Armenia in the areas of finance, security and democracy,” he added.