Karlen was born on September 11, 1988 in Gyumri, he grew up in Artsakh, became the father of 8 children and was already expecting his 9th child, who will be named after his hero father.

Karlen Simoni Gevorgyan, died on September 19 in Martakert, her father participated in the First Artsakh War.

Karlen was 5 years old when his family moved to Artsakh.

He was a devoted son, father and husband. Karlen had eight children. His wife Mariam is expecting their ninth child.

Karlen’s family lived in Martakert. Initially, the family was evacuated to the capital Stepanakert, then to Kapan.

Karlen Gevorgyan died on September 19, 2023 during the defense of Martakert.

Just before he was martyred by Azerbaijani army fire, Karlen called his sister and asked her to educate his children properly.