From October 23 to 25, Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises will take place regularly in Nakhichevan. Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan spoke about this in a telegram.

“Although the sharp increase in the number of bilateral and multilateral joint military exercises is a very telling fact in itself, in the case of these military exercises, the location where the military exercises will take place is key: Nakhichevan and the occupied regions of Artsakh (i.e. along the dividing line of Syunik and Vayots Dzor of the Republic of Armenia).

It is also important that the military exercises take place on the territory of Baku, for which Turkish F16s and helicopters were also brought to Baku.

It cannot be ruled out that this is a new stage of preparations for a joint Turkish-Azerbaijani attack on Syunik and Vayots Dzor, and that the exercises are just a pretext for deploying heavy military equipment and Turkish aviation in occupied Nakhichevan and Artsakh.