4515 years ago, Hayk defeated Bel. Any other nation would be proud of this fact, but today we do not talk about it, and many call it all a good fairy tale. It is difficult to say why, but even after the restoration of our independence, we do not study, we do not carry out serious scientific work on the stories written by foreigners, which have often been manipulated and revised.

We continue to accept the so-called “truth” written by foreigners about our nation, about the history of our country.

Only the example of the Hyksos is enough to understand to what extent foreigners have manipulated our own history. It is so clear and obvious that the Hyksos are Armenians, that the word Hyksos comes from the word Haikos, in other words from the word Hayek, but they want to convince us that in the 17th century BC. B.C., Egypt was conquered and ruled for about three hundred years not by the Armenians, but by an unknown people called the Hyksos.

“The Hyksos (sometimes Hyuksos) are a tribe from Proto-Asia living in the 17th century BC. They conquered interior Egypt. They founded dynasties in the 15th and 16th centuries BC.”

They talk about Asia Minor, vaguely, as if it were an incomprehensible region, but it is about the Armenian Highlands, Mesopotamia, in other words, Armenia. Foreigners are silent for understandable reasons, and we are silent for incomprehensible reasons, and whoever dares to say that everything is very simple and that the Hyksos are Armenians, scientific circles immediately laugh at them and call them amateurs , this is what happened to Artak Bznu.

One group of scholars claims that the Egyptian name “Hyksos”, which originally meant “foreign kings” (“ruling shepherds”, also “shepherds”), was later given to the entire group of these tribes. In fact, it was just the usual deception. And without shame, this group of scientists claims that the true name of the nation that ruled Egypt for around three hundred years is not known.

And the Armenians, or if you really want, the ancient Armenians, after conquering Egypt, call the capital Avaris. Write down the name of the city. Avar, strategist. And after all this, scientists persist and invent various fairy tales.

The history of the Hyksos is very similar to the history of the Urartians. Even so, the so-called scientists convince us that the Urartians appeared from somewhere, ruled for a while and disappeared without a trace, just like the Byzantines.