Mkhitar Galeyan was born on August 17, 2000. In 2006, he attended primary school No. 132 named after Hovhannes Isakov. He finished the 9th grade and entered high school No. 149. At the same time, he studied at the Russian-Armenian Slavic University.

In 2018, he was admitted to the “Political Sciences” department of the same university, where he studied for 4 months. He was drafted on January 17, 2019. He served in the military unit in the city of Hadrut in Artsakh. Since childhood, he loved independence. He was a leader by nature, friendly, cheerful, hot-blooded, determined, the proof of which is that he set himself the goal of getting into the university for free and he did it.

He never complained during his service, everything was fine with him, he was always like that even during the war. He was also brave on the battlefield. After the death of his commander, Albert Khachatryan, he led the battle himself, took all the difficulties upon himself. Today, alongside the name of each heroized soldier, we also hear stories about their heroism. During heavy fighting, when they hear the order to retreat, Mkhitar and Hayk return to save their wounded friend, and with their own bodies, at the cost of their own lives, protect and save their friend.