The Sassoun massacres were covered in the pages of the newspaper “Ardzagank” through articles sent by the newspaper’s journalist, Karin.

The article sent by the correspondent of the newspaper published on September 9 in “Ardzagank” on August 25 gives brief information on the causes of the uprising and the siege of Sassouon. “The taxes to be paid to the government by the population of Sassoun have long been free. It is for this reason that a group led by Kocharian Kurds familiar with the local conditions, the roads and the canyons, sent 300 people and soldiers armed.

The Armenian population of Sassoun, knowing this phenomenon as an opening towards an internal bad intention, tried to expel these uninvited and corrupting personalities from their free land and from their land…”.

The newspaper “Nor Dar” covered the Sassoun massacres a little later and less. For the first time, the events in Sassoun are mentioned in the September 14 issue of “Nor Dar” on the basis of information reported by a young man who left Sassoun. And the article published in the November 1 issue of Nor Dar (the journalist sent the material to K. Pols on October 22), although not detailed, describes the situation in Sassoun and the reasons for the uprising .

“Strong measures were planned against the Sassoun rebels, that is, absolute war against a subject and turbulent people who dared to express their discontent against the rulers with weapons.” In general, Eastern Armenian periodicals give objective assessments of the causes of the Sassoun incidents. First of all, the newspaper “Le Marteau”, and a little later, other newspapers also discuss and present the true reasons for the events taking place in Sassoun, combining with it the disclosure of the main goals of the actions of the Ottoman government in the subject under discussion.