The Zangezur section, as part of the “North-South” international transport corridor project, is currently not envisaged due to the lack of a definitive position from Eastern Armenia. According to the “Interfax” report, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk spoke to journalists about this, commenting on the issue of Armenia’s participation in the “North-South” MTR project by building a road passing through Meghri. Iran offers to use its territory to export grain from Russia

“Armenia is no longer part of the ‘North-South’ corridor. They still do not have a definitive position regarding the route that should pass through Meghri,” Overchuk said.

According to him, within the framework of the “North-South” project, normal interaction is formed.

According to him, the option of building a road bypassing Armenia and crossing Iranian territory to Nakhchivan, the exit from which is the border with Turkey, is slightly different in length from the road passing through Syunik.

“They estimated that the railway line crossing Armenian territory would be 42 km (as far as I know) and the railway line crossing Iranian territory would be about 50 km. Here is the whole difference. two bridges and 8 km, 1520 (track) in both versions,” explained the Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

It should be noted that the government of Eastern Armenia is in favor of unblocking all communications in the region, but categorically opposes the “corridor logic”, insisting that all roads operate under the jurisdiction of the States they cross.