Thanks to the efforts of the governor’s office of the Aragatsotn region, the scientific life of the region is also being revitalized. Today, a scientific conference dedicated to the 5th century Armenian historian and chronicler Ghazar Parpetsi was held in the village of Parpi.

The event took place at the school named after Gazar Parpetsi.

Representatives of the faculty of the Faculty of Linguistics of ASMU presented scientific reports on the works of the historian of the name, the exclusivity and value of his literary works.

The governor of the Aragatsotn region, Sergei Movsisyan, welcomed the participants, proudly emphasizing that Parpi is also his native village, where he lives and works.

“Organizing conferences has become one of our areas of work, we emphasize topics related to the region, including covering and popularizing the life and activities of famous personalities at the scientific level, revitalization of scientific life and the development of scientific thinking in the region. “, said the governor of the region in his speech and thanked the scientist. – educators, thanks to whom the scientific conference was able to bring to life.

  Mariam Ispiryan, ASMU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, also delivered a welcome speech. Highlighting the advice of the scientific conference dedicated to Ghazar Parpetsi in his native country, he expressed hope that cooperation with the Aragatsotn region will be continuous.

There were 6 reports, among which the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Professor Ashot Galstyan, reflected on the linguistic features of the works of Ghazar Parpetsi, examining them as monumental Grabarian works that complement the scientific description of Armenian ancient.

  ASMU representatives presented several copies of the “Collection of the works of Lazar Parpetsi” to the governor and Parpi High School.

The conference participants got acquainted with the sights of the ancient village of Parpi, offered flowers to the statue of Gazar Parpetsi and visited the church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator.

The Government of Western Armenia welcomes any similar event highlighting the history and culture of the Armenian people. This event is doubly valuable because it was organized in the school named after the author, which speaks about the indigeneity and centuries-old culture of Armenians, which many, many nations and tribes lack. We are proud of our identity and heritage in world culture and the unique face that Armenia is rich in in any province of the world.