On October 26, the 33rd Zoom meeting organized by the Election Commission of the National Assembly of Western Armenia took place.

The theme of the meeting was “Western Armenia and Artsakh”. During the meeting, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia Nelly Harutyunyan delivered a speech, presented laws and decisions that play an active role in the creation and strengthening of the state .

Nelly Harutyunyan presented a short historical overview, in which she explained why Artsakh is considered part of Western Armenia. Nelly Harutyunyan mentioned that Artsakh (also: Ardzakh, Artsakhmayr). Today, in the State of Western Armenia (the tenth province of historic Greater Armenia), it is located in the eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus and the northeastern part of the Armenian Highlands.

The capital was princely Sodk or Tsavdek, and during the Aranshahik kingdom, Dyutakan Avan. Murad Surenyan, the candidate who applied to the Election Commission of the Parliament of Western Armenia to participate in the 2023 parliamentary election campaign, also delivered a speech with the proposal to establish a structure of intervention and assistance of emergency for the Armenian disaster victims.

President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenag Aprahamian, during the Zoom meeting, discussed the details of the lawsuits filed against the Baku authorities based on the complaints of the residents of Shushi and the ongoing process before the European Court of human rights and declared that the first sentences could be handed down before the end of the year. The political importance of this trial was underlined as the government of Western Armenia demanded the withdrawal of Azerbaijani invaders from the city of Shushi, located on its territory.