During the events taking place in Sassoun, the perception and presentation of great power politics in the Eastern Armenian press is of great interest. It should be noted that among the great powers, the position of Great Britain is especially discussed and presented. This is even evidenced by the exaggerated observation of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Le Marteau”, Araskhanyan, that. “…The problem of the Armenians of Western Armenia has become, for months, an English problem.” The observations of the newspaper “Le Marteau” on British politics do not always represent objective reality.

  Thus, the editor-in-chief sees only one actor in resolving the problem of the Armenians of Western Armenia: Great Britain. “We saw that the question of the Sassoun massacre raised the Turkish-Armenian question in general, especially in England. Therefore, in England they did not intend to consider the Armenian problem as settled by completing the task consisting to form a commission of inquiry. The problem of introducing reforms in Turkish Armenia came to the fore…”.

In the newspaper “Le Nouveau Siècle” there are also a number of publications which refer to the policies of Great Britain, and the question of Armenians in Western Armenia is considered in the context of the politics of both parties British: the Conservatives and the Liberals. The newspaper has rather positive expectations regarding Great Britain.

The newspaper also refers to French politics. However, the newspaper “le Nouveau Siècle” lacks the same enthusiasm for France’s position. Furthermore, speaking of France’s interest in the question of the Armenians of Western Armenia, it is mentioned: “What state advantages would an autonomous Armenia and reformed Armenian states bring to France? In what position, to which direction they would contribute – none.” Considering the counterbalance to England as the main motive of French policy, the famous Sapah-Gyulyan of the Hinchak party writes in his column that “…currently, France’s position on the Armenian question is to take the Russian direction , as far as possible not to antagonize Turkey”, and to oppose England if necessary.