Edgar Vahani Suleimanyan, our soldier killed by fire from units of the Baku Armed Forces in the direction of Sotk in May, was from Sisian. Edgar was born in 2003. He studied at Sisian Secondary School No. 5. He dropped out of school from the 9th grade and took care of the family on his shoulders. Before joining the army, he worked as a laborer to be able to solve the problem of daily bread.

He was due to be released in about a month. Edgar was a reserved, modest, kind and well-mannered boy. He was a good soldier, disciplined, dedicated, obedient and patriotic. He participated in various military operations and always fulfilled the task assigned to him.

In a conversation with the journalist of Western Armenia Television, history teacher Aida Arakelyan simultaneously praises and regrets her student, especially mentions his modesty, restraint, willingness to help everyone, says that even s he had no particular love for studies, his best qualities and high human qualities were much more.

Edgar did not spend what he earned on himself, but on his family. He bought a bicycle for his younger brother Sevak, proudly watched how his brother happily rode the bicycle he bought and supported all family members like a mountain. The family has always been in a difficult social situation. The father is an employee of the community’s municipal service, a garbage collector. They were waiting for their son to come back from the army, everything would be sorted.

“He was going to come back from the army with the dream of a good life. He hoped to find a good job and help his family,” says Hovhannes, Edgar’s friend.