The editorial staff of the newspaper “Ardzagank” also paid special attention to the anti-Armenian policy pursued by Sultan Abdülhamid II in the Ottoman Empire and to the policy pursued by Great Britain.

In the printed articles, it is hoped that the response to the Sassoun massacre in Britain will have positive consequences for Armenians. However, the unfolding of the massacre of the Armenians of Western Armenia in the newspaper over the following years made the editors ultimately disillusioned with Europe and its policies. So, in 1897 we read in a published article. “And what really happened, what do we see now, who directs the politics of Europe, who commands the affairs of the East? Let theorists still believe that the organizer is Europe, but the sequence of facts shows and screams that the person responsible for the situation is Turkey, this social prodigal from whom every European state expects its share… The Armenian country was destroyed, for hundreds of years thousands of hardworking, Christian people and civilized. There was an eruption and explosion in all parts of the world, exposed to the terrible danger of degeneration, Crete was destroyed, Greece was humiliated, Thessaly became a heap of ruins and ashes, and all this according to the favor of Europe, of Christian Europe, of “civilized” Europe, which for years has been drawing up “plans” of reform for Turkey, talking about the extermination of Turkey, considering dividing Turkey, etc., etc.

And which of these programs has been implemented? None. » Similar observations are also present in “Mshak”. So, in 1894 In one of the December issues we read the following. “Now imagine our situation in such a country, where those who burn 24 villages and carelessly put thousands to the sword receive a medal… Europe, by establishing the 61st article of the treaty and not implementing it work, has made us even poorer. The Turkish government, in order not to be forced to introduce reforms in the provinces with an Armenian population, is systematically working to impoverish the Armenians, to massacre them, to emigrate, to erase the Armenians and to no longer have provinces with an Armenian population…”.