One of the first journalists from the Eastern Armenian press to react to the Sassoon massacres was the journalist from the newspaper “Le Marteau”. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the article “Sassoun Events”, where statistical data is provided on the number of rebels and Muslim attackers. “… with incredible speed, the troops of all surrounding parties turned to Mush, so another 7,869 infantrymen, about 2,000 cavalrymen and 150 artillerymen went to Sassoun. All tribes, starting with the Russian border leaders and Persians, went there one after the other, with only 300 horsemen from the Armenian army of Bayazit, for which we can have an idea against this terrible mass which quickly besieged the region of Sassoun.

The newspaper “Le Marteau” also provides interesting data on the consequences of Sassoun’s operations, “the village of Geli had 360 houses, Shenik had 106, Semal had 85, Alean had 165, Ishkhndzor had 78, Aghbin had 66 houses will be completely burned and all the inhabitants, except for a few refugees, will settle here.”

The immediate consequence of the events in Sassoun was the disastrous situation of the surviving population, as the Kurds seized agricultural lands and houses, pillaging all properties and taking away the last shirt of the Armenians. It is clear from the reports of the newspaper “Le Marteau” that even the Armenian villages of the Mush valley – Khzlaghach, Tatragom. The inhabitants of the monastery of Yovhannes, Marnik and Khoronk found themselves in a difficult situation, because under siege, they did not even dare to go to the plain. The entire region was looted, we see that, for example, 5,000 sheep were stolen from the wealthy village of Marnik.