Harutyun Chobonyan was born in 1993. on February 18 in the border village of Aygehovit, Tavush region. Haryut was the first child in the family. In 1999 entered the secondary school of Aygehovit village of Tavush marz and studied there for two years.

In October 2001, Harutya and his family moved to the town of Hrazdan, Kotayk region, and continued their studies at H. University at secondary school No. 12 named after Paronyan. Harutun stood out for his good academic results. In 2009 graduated with honors.

In 2009 he was admitted to the Faculty of Medicine of Heratsi State Medical University in Yerevan. Change of faculty mentioned above in 2011-2014. Harutun studied and graduated from YSUBU Military Medical Faculty.

2014-2016 studied and completed the master’s degree at the Faculty of Military Medicine of YSUBU, obtaining a doctorate in the specialty “Medical work in the armed forces”. 2016-2017 studied and graduated from the internship of the Faculty of Military Medicine of YSUSU, with a specialization in “General medical activity in the armed forces”.

2017 Harutun was sent to the city of Hadrut, Republic of Artsakh, as a doctor of a military unit. 2018 was appointed head of the aid station of the same military unit. In 2019 was appointed head of the medical service of the same military unit. During his years of work, he received numerous honors and letters of thanks for providing proper medical care to wounded servicemen, as well as for organizing the medical service at a high level, conscientiously fulfilling his service duties and doing proof of exemplary discipline.

Before the 44-day war, Harut had served 3 years. In 2020 On July 2, his son Ruben was born. At that time, the doctor was on vacation, but he could not see his son for even a week. Due to the events in Tavush, he was recalled from Hadrut’s military unit. After that, in August, Harutyun Chobanyan was admitted to residency, specializing in radiological diagnostics. He barely managed to get to class for a week when the war broke out.

2020 September 30 was his daughter Sarah’s birthday. Doctor Harutyun Chobanyan was calmer than usual, anxious and nervous. That day, he learned of the death of his friend, the hero of Artsakh Davit Ghazaryan. He almost didn’t use the table for his daughter’s 4th birthday. He received a salary that day. he gave half of it to his wife and, with the other part, he bought medicine to take to the front. When he came home from the pharmacy, he asked his wife for half of the money he had given her, because he had to buy more medicine. On October 1, Harutyun Chobanyan went to the front with 5 doctors from his training.

On October 13, Dr. Chobanyan was transporting a wounded man in a UAZ car. They were in the Varanda region, near the village of Karakhanbeyli. The area was already under siege. A group of doctors had gone looking for a safe place where the hospital tent would be moved. Dr. Harut was going to the hospital with four injured soldiers and a paramedic, but he never got there. he, the paramedic and one of the injured died. Harut was wounded in the head by sniper fire.