The correspondent of “Ardzagank”, on August 27, 1894, is in Karin, he writes that the Kurds, taking advantage of the anarchy that reigned, came out of the borders of Sassoun and Mush and attacked the Armenian villages near the city of Mush, spreading terror and burning everything. He then adds that many people still have a dark future ahead of them. Terror reigns in all parts of the country and the movement of Karin towards Mush, Baghesh, Sassoun and other areas, even from village to village, has been interrupted. It is ordered not to accept or deliver papers without a thorough search. The issuance of a passport is completely prohibited, any individual returning from a stay must be handed over to the central government under strict and vigilant police surveillance. Ultimately, the correspondent concludes that if this continues, these provinces populated by Armenians will inevitably turn into an uninhabited desert, depriving them of their dominant and economic element.

   In the newspaper “Nor Dar” in 1894. The published article “the revolt of Sassoun” presenting the events in Sassoun is based on the information provided by the correspondent from Constantinople, but without details, the difficult situation in Sassoun is described . Thus, despite tsarist censorship, the scarcity of journalists and other obstacles, the Eastern Armenian press is still rich in documents covering the Sassoun massacre. Furthermore, the factual elements they contain are important for the study of the history of these horrible massacres. Thus, Western Armenian Television summarizes the events in Sassoun in the Eastern Armenian press, examining reactions to the massacre in 1894. For this purpose, we studied the publications of the newspapers “Mshak”, “Nor Dar”, “Ardzagank” and the magazine “Murch”, which were actively active in the Eastern Armenian reality in the 1890s.