When studying the issue of Armenians in Western Armenia, the articles of several periodicals published in Georgia in 1914-1920 can be considered as valuable facts. Georgian journalists and public speakers in their articles and messages express solidarity, sympathy and universal sympathy for the Armenian people, although other sentiments are also found in addition to heart-warming expressions. Thus, “Klde” journal, noting that “Armenians displaced from their homeland, lost at home should be fully convinced that we understand their plight well, we sympathize with them from the heart and soul…”.

Published in the January 10, 1914 issue of “SAKHALKHO GAZETTE”

In the article “The Life of Armenians in Western Armenia” he writes that the case for reforms is again uncertain. The Ottoman government continues to pursue a dual policy, they say riots have started in some provinces.

Already on February 1, “SAKHALKHO GAZETTE” writes that Armenians do not participate in the parliamentary elections. Armenian partisans demand reforms from the Ottoman government. Only after that, they say, we will resume negotiations and participate in the elections. Against this background, the Ottoman newspapers of Istanbul publish provocative articles, which further stir up the people. The Kurds distribute leaflets and call everyone to arm themselves. “SAKHALKHO GAZETTE” writes that their sources in Poland inform that the boycott against Christian merchants is getting stronger. They even put oil on their products. For this reason, Greek and Armenian merchants aimed to cancel the contracts signed with European factory owners. According to them, the Ottomans wanted the Christians to leave the Ottoman Empire. In Istanbul, Jemal Pasha was appointed as the Minister of the Navy.

The Armenian Patriarch received the following information from the Bishop of Bayazet. “Hot battles are going on a few hours away from the city. There are only 240 soldiers in the government detachment. The Kurds are well armed, they even have machine guns. It’s a mess in town. Christian residents were locked up in churches. Save us.” The government also feels the complexity of the situation. He issued an official statement, where it is said that the movement of Kurds is directed against the government and Christians.

As we can see in the articles, the Turkish government not only refuses to implement reforms in Western Armenia, but also sows hostility towards the Armenian population at the state level.