German Foreign Minister Analena Berbock visited the Yeraskh community in the Ararat region. Analena Berbock was welcomed by the Deputy Head of the European Union Observer Mission in Armenia, Marek Kubersky. The observers escorted the German Foreign Minister to the place where it was planned to build a metal smelter with Armenian-American contribution. Construction work on the factory was halted because the Baku armed forces regularly fired on the factory, as a result of which two foreigners working on the construction were injured. Kubersky showed the German Foreign Minister the traces of gunshots left on the walls of the administrative building of the factory, presented the history related to it, noting that the factory would already be built in another place .

Kubersky informed Analena Berbock that they were conducting an observation mission from 6 operational observation bases. He mentioned that in the moments when they monitor the border areas there are no excesses and the situation is generally calm. He was also interested in how often observers observe in the Yeraskh sector.

After receiving the summary information, the German Foreign Minister went to the village of Vostan in the Ararat region to meet with the forcibly displaced people from Artsakh.