The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baku demands in the form of an ultimatum the occupation of 8 villages in Eastern Armenia. The request is presented in the department’s announcement. We are talking about 8 so-called landlocked villages in the regions of Tavush and Ararat. During the First Artsakh War, the former Soviet administrative boundaries between independent Eastern Armenia and Baku were modified during military operations initiated by Baku. As a result, there are Armenian and Azerbaijani enclaves.

  But Baku prefers to remain silent on the occupied Armenian territories. Remember that the current territory of the Tavush region mainly corresponds to historical Utik. It was part of Artashesian Armenia, Arshakunyats and Bagratunyats (Kingdom of Lori). And here, the territory of Ararat region was part of the Vostan province of the historical Airarat province of Armenia, the province which was known as the province of capitals in the Middle Ages. The capitals of Artashat and Dvin were located here, the Ararat region borders on occupied Nakhchivan.