The 33rd session of the General Assembly of the International Center for the Study of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Values (ICCROM) was held in Rome.

Harutyun Vanyan, representative of KGSMS, made a report during the session. He presented the problems of preservation of historical and cultural monuments of Artsakh and the continuous state policy pursued by Baku regarding the elimination of the Armenian trace of Artsakh, the destruction of historical and cultural monuments or the falsification of identity. In this context, the report notes that the same situation once existed in Nakhichevan, where, unfortunately, it was not possible to save the Armenian historical and cultural heritage.

Clear facts and figures were presented regarding the cases of vandalism and destruction of monuments already carried out by Baku, references were made to the resolutions and decisions adopted by a number of international authoritative structures, which Baku does not comply with, not respecting international order and law. .

During the session, an agreement was also reached to cooperate within the framework of the “First Aid and Stability” (FAR) project of cultural heritage in times of crisis, one of the 4 main programs of the International Center for Studies on conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. Cultural properties (ICCROM), taking into account the number of threatened and border monuments in Armenia.

Discussions on specific projects will continue in the near future.

The Government of Western Armenia will also present to [ICCROM] the factual materials collected and disseminated by us, which contain appropriate expert conclusions written by internationally recognized experts and organizations. These expert conclusions are already included in the complaints filed against Baku by the population of Shushi in the case of atrocities and forced displacements from Baku. As we know, the President of Western Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian, who is mandated by the residents of Shushi to represent them at the ECHR, presented all these documents in a separate request for each family.