Both were killed on September 19, 2023, during the Azerbaijani attack on Artsakh, at the “Cross Post” position near Shushi.

Borya Balayan and Artur Aghajanyan were in 842 combat positions. Borya was a machine gunner, he was known by the combat name “Pilimyotchik Borya” from the 90s, he received the “Combat Cross” 2nd degree, he was also with a machine gun on the day of the attack, he held his position until he was wounded by shrapnel. He died in the hospital of Stepanakert one day after the injury he received on September 19.

Artur Aghajanyan, who was known as “Arjuk” from the first Artsakh war, died in 2023. In the second half of the day of the Azerbaijani attack on September 19, he went 100 meters from the 842 battle position with 5 people, positioned himself on an important hill, and conducted the battle from there. At around 17:00, the commander of the battalion informs through communication that they are under siege, and gives an order to retreat. Arthur refuses to comply with the order, does not leave the position. Arthur continues the battle and is killed by a sniper’s shot.

After the ceasefire, his tortured body was found by Artsakh rescuers.

The two friends were buried side by side in Yerablur.