Davit Danielyan, a soldier of the Fatherland, was from the village of Hovtashat, Ararat region. He was drafted into the army on December 24, 2019. He studied at the Yerevan State College of Informatics and wanted to become a programmer.

Remembering Davit, relatives say that Davit Danielyan loved his homeland, his village, his house very much and never thought about leaving his homeland. He also waited a long time to be drafted into the army. He was proud to be a soldier, a soldier of his homeland.

The war began on David’s birthday, September 27. Brave and friendly 19-year-old David was one of the fallen heroes on the battlefield. Not sparing his life, David fought for the homeland throughout the war and did not forget his friends during this struggle.

After David’s death, they found in his hand the cross of his fallen friend and the worn military book, even at the moment of his death he thought of his friend.

David went through many hardships during the war, lost many friends, and fought in many places, but he never gave up. David wanted everyone to be proud of him, but he never spoke of his heroic deeds. He said, “I will come and tell you.” He was very happy when he received encouragement or a medal. David didn’t like injustice. He always helped those in need. He was happy when his family members were also happy. Everyone remembers and loves David, a fighting and goal-oriented man.

The war began on the day David was born and ended with David’s death: on November 9, David became immortal. For his friends and loved ones, David won the war because he overcame fear and difficulties. They will keep their promise to David and be firm in their decision, they will not leave David’s goals and dreams unfulfilled.