Harutyun Nikolyan was born on April 29, 2001. Conscript soldier Harutyun Nikolyan was the only male child in the family. Harutyun has been involved in wrestling from a young age and has won numerous awards. He studied perfectly at school.

He decides to become a historian. Before joining the army, he was admitted to the Faculty of History of the Pedagogical University. After returning from the service, he had to start his studies.

Harutyun was very fond of reading. During the service, he constantly asked his sister Arusyak to send him books. The last time he called, he asked for a Bible to be sent to him because he had lost the one he had. On November 1, while talking to his parents, Harutyun asked to be sent a package: 2 knives, gloves and a Bible. The parents sent it, but the package did not reach Harutyun.

Harutyun, a 19-year-old conscript, served in the Armenian army for 1 year and 4 months, he was due to be demobilized in July. He died selflessly fighting for the motherland for 38 days. Harutyun Armeni Nikolyan was fatally injured in the Karmir Shuka region.

The company command, comrades-in-arms and those who know the hero tell about the soldier’s courage and patriotism. Harutyun called home for the last time on November 3, hours before he was fatally injured. He spoke to his mother in a happy, carefree voice, saying that everything is fine, that he is just busy. He promised to call back later, but he never did. Less than an hour and a half after speaking with his mother, Harutyun fell.

Harutyun Nikolyan was an exemplary soldier, received the rank of junior sergeant, and was also a squad commander.