It is a well-known fact that on the eve of the First World War, Armenians occupied influential positions in foreign and internal trade, industrial production and the banking sector of the Ottoman Empire.

The merchant bourgeoisie, playwrights and industrialists of the Armenians of Western Armenia, thanks to their talent and entrepreneurship, even in the conditions of Ottoman tyranny and arbitrariness, were able to become owners of a certain wealth and create significant monetary accumulations. Seeing a great danger in the economic disarmament of the Armenians, the Young Turks discussed at their secret meetings the issue of eliminating the economic competition of the Armenians by eliminating them and establishing the economic power of the Turks in the country, and At the same time, measures were developed regarding the confiscation of individual and collective property of the Armenian people. To rob an entire nation, it was first necessary to dispossess the property of the Armenians. To this end, the Young Turk authorities published the “Deportation Law” on June 1, 1915.

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