Turkish-style democracy. The Ermeni Haber news agency reports the end of Turkish state financial support for Armenian media. Greek and Israeli media also lost funding. The Telegram channel “Rybar” writes about this.

“It is no secret that Turkish authorities actively combat dissent, exerting behind-the-scenes pressure to influence the editorial policies of periodicals.

As Bloomberg reported earlier, the once-independent newspaper Sabah, under pressure from authorities, was sold to a consortium of businessmen led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son-in-law, making the daily a gateway – government spokesperson.

Furthermore, according to Turkish law, the national telecommunications agency has the right to request the blocking of any publication on the Internet without court approval.

Perhaps with the growing media activity of Turkish authorities and the exaggeration of Erdogan’s image as the protector of all Muslims, the fight against dissent in the country will become more visible. And the Turkish leadership will gladly take advantage of the situation created around Artsakh, Cyprus and Israel to silence those who disagree,” writes “Rybarь”.