EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell announced at the press conference that the EU expresses its impartial support for the democratically elected authorities of Eastern Armenia and supports the security of the country. Borell noted that, taking into account the continuation of reforms in the country, the EU decided to strengthen its mission in Armenia and carry out more patrols in sensitive areas of the border. According to the High Commissioner, options are being discussed to liberalize the visa regime for Eastern Armenia.

“We must be very vigilant against any attempt to destabilize Armenia, whether internal or external. And our message to Baku is clear: any violation of Armenia’s territorial integrity will be unacceptable and will have serious consequences. consequences on the quality of our relations. We call for the resumption of negotiations between Armenia and Baku within the framework of the work carried out by the President of the European Council, because we need it. The peace agreement can be signed and we We are determined to continue our mediation role,” said Josep Borrell.