In Western Armenia, the pre-election campaign has come to an end

On November 15, the campaign for the parliamentary elections of the third term of the National Assembly of Western Armenia, which will be held in December 2023, ended. Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia Nelly Harutyunyan summarized the results of the electronic voting. According to the results of electronic voting, out of 112 candidates Jean Ghazarosyan, Armenag Aprahamian, Lidia Margosyan, Nelly Harutyunyan, Gayane Tadevosyan, Simon Taronyan, Andranik Pertakian, Arman Khachikyan, Arman Grigoryan, Hovhannes Davtyan, Narine Sahakyan, Ashot Harutyunyan, Violeta Aghayan, Armenuhi Sahakyan, Khachik Haykanyan, Martin Khanyan, Anna Grigorian reached the necessary number of votes. Therefore, according to the results of the general electronic voting, 16 candidates crossed the passing threshold.

Voting on paper will continue until the end of November.