It is a fact that the State Department has stated that people who have left their country should have the opportunity to return. I don’t think this is a solution or a guarantee for the Armenians who were forced to leave their homes. US Congressman Jim Costa said this at the press conference.

“I think this issue should be clearly presented in future discussions, and I don’t think permission is necessary for these people. They should be able to go home whenever they want,” he said.

Asked who should guarantee the safety of those who wish to return to Artsakh, Kosta replied: “This should be addressed in the peace agreement and that is why the agreement is so important. The United States must be sure that this will be one of the main points of future negotiations, which Baku also agreed to.”

According to him, today there is a basis for tension between Yerevan and Baku. “Baku’s reluctance to return to the negotiating table is proof of this. Second, their desire to deal with Ankara and Moscow speaks volumes.

The 2,400 Russian soldiers supposed to keep the peace did nothing by forcing people to evacuate. Before that, during the siege of Artsakh, they did not allow food and medical supplies to be transported through the corridor to Artsakh. The United States must ensure that there is justice and that an agreement is respected by all parties. »

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