Husik Hovakimyan was born in 1996 in the village of Berkanush, Ararat Marz. He was the long-awaited male child of the family, the hope and support of three sisters and parents.

  After graduating from school, he entered the Military University named after Vazgen Sargsyan, but decided to go to the service. 2014-2016 served in the Mekhakavan military unit as an artilleryman. The brave young man was in service when the April Four Day War began. Together with his fellow soldiers, he went through the most cruel and terrible trials of the war, always standing out for his courage and bold steps. The commander of the position said, boy, it’s you I’m looking at, is there anything you shouldn’t do? In the days of April, he miraculously survived when a shell fell between his fuel tank and did not explode. After being discharged, he often told about that miracle. He was discharged in 2016, having received a certificate of participation in combat operations of the April Four-Day War by the Ministry of Defense. After being discharged, in a few months he quickly mastered many subtleties of culinary art and continued to show his talent. He wanted to study at the highest culinary university in France. However, the impatient young man could not find his place, he was constantly searching, searching, he wanted to understand his calling in this life, to find his place…

The call was one, to live, to fight, to fight for the sake of the motherland, for the sake of everything, not sparing life… For the sake of the motherland… At the call of the motherland, Husik went to war on the very second day, on September 28, forcing the employees of the Artashat military commissariat to send him as well. He was forced to run behind the moving bus with his last breath and get stuck in the car. He went and went through the hell of war again in the same Mekhakavan, then Hadrut, nightmarish days and fateful October 21. As in the days of Aprilyan, as well as in the last war, his relatives heard only one thing from his lips: I am good, very good… On the battlefield, he was next to one cannon, one in a trench, one in a group ready to attack, one was a driver, one was a commander… Still During the days of April, the commander complained that he was taking everything on himself. During the days of heavy fighting, Jabraeil and his friend, Edgar, were left alone in the position. Some of the guards were killed, others fled from the battlefield. The boys were encircled, not only held the position, withstood enemy attacks and artillery strikes, but also counterattacked.

  Two of them, in order to confuse the enemy, continuously opened fire from different weapons and armor in the direction of the enemy, misleading the enemy. The enemy organized continuous attacks in that direction, fired artillery at the position, tried to capture it, but the brave defenders of the position did not allow it. They fought alone against the enemy until all the ammunition was used up.

They went down to the rear position, and then ensured the retreat of the soldiers from that position. The fighting continued in Hadrut, 630 people fell into the siege, somehow, after being in the siege for 4-5 days, they managed to get out and occupy a new position like a man, without a shot, without loss. It was in Hadrut when the relatives called to say that your mother is seriously ill, her heart will not take it, at least come home for a few days. He called home. “Darling mom, are you okay? No, I’m not strong,” he asked. I will not become a traitor, Mam, across the street, dear Mam, if the fight is over, I will come…” “I’m fine, Bales, I’m fine…” the mother said, clenching her teeth in pain, so as not to break her son’s heart.

  The last position was the position called “Parrots” of Hadrut. It was October 21. That day, that fateful day, he didn’t sit still, he did everything for his comrade-in-arms to live. “I won’t let him be bloodthirsty…” he retorted to his comrades-in-arms, petrified by the horrors of war, none of whom had the courage to leave their position, and with his strong, warm arms he hugged the wounded man, who was only a year younger than him, who moved his leg with his begs, placed called the ambulance and left the position, but it still didn’t reach the Martuni hospital…

  When there was no news from an ambulance for several days, everyone in the position called “Parrots” was convinced. Hope nothing will happen, he is very strong, no one can defeat him… On the road, the car was blocked. Huso fought for the life of the wounded until his last breath.

  For days, the enemy published videos on state TV channels and announced that he had killed a sniper and a subversive group. The enemy took the bodies of the bravely fighting Huso and the three wounded to a special place and buried the brave men individually with special honors. Only he could, ignoring all danger, get down from his position that day, to save his fellow soldier and fight to the end against the bloodthirsty Sokh, for the lives of his wounded comrades… The body of the brave, unbreakable, devoted and self-sacrificing young man who fought heroically for 24 days was handed over to the Armenian Army at the end of December. side and surrendered to the Armenian land on January 24, in Yerablur.